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  • Works with every Conventional TestBench in the Market
  • Controls all Types and Makes of Injectors & Pumps. Includes OEM Database and Test Plans
  • Electronic Measurement and Coding for Conventional Test bench
  • Connects to any Cambox. Automatic function with complete database and test plans (Coding*) with the Hartridge HK-1400A Cambox powered by Carbon Zapp
  • High Pressure Testing up to 2800Bar (EU6) with BCR-Kit (optional)
  • Controls NEW Generation CRI3-25 and CRI3-27 injectors with NCC and VCC technology
  • EU5 and EU6 systems testing [Denso I-Art (6-pin), VDO etc…]
  • Injector Coding VDO IIC, Delphi C2i/C3i, Bosch IMA/ISA and Denso QR
  • VDO CR injectors (EU5) testing only with approved Energy Control by VDO
  • 4 CRi/CRiN solenoid or piezo and up to 2 CRiN 4.2 injectors
  • Nozzle reaction time measurement for all systems via o-RSP sensor
  • Actuator Valve measurement via RSP/BIP sensor
  • All Makes/Types of CR pump. Special Applications CP4/ CAT/ CB18/ CB28/ CP2 etc…
  • Controls all Types and Makes of Injectors & Pumps. Includes OEM Database and Test Plans
  • Connects to Carbon Zapp’s HEUI-KIT.M2 solution for testing up to 4 HEUI’s
  • Fully Automatic and fast testing phase through a 10” Touchscreen HMI with AZO software
  • CRDi Piezo Stack Regeneration function
  • Blue Limits Diagnosis for Diesel Specialists
  • Dynamic Electronic Mass (BK) Measurement (CRDi, HEUI, EUI/EUP)
  • Static Electronic Mass (DFAP) Measurement (CRp)
  • SPAR: Piezo Stack Filler after repair & re-Assembly (optional)
  • Internal cooling system (No water connection needed)
  • Emergency Safety Stop function
  • Compact, Lightweight and Portable Unit

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