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Welcome to an Innovation Driven World

Engineering Solutions
for tomorrows Mobility.
Carbon Zapp was founded in 1989 by Bill Pantazis. As a leading manufacturer of Automotive Injection Service Equipment and Tools, Carbon Zapp has its production plant in Athens, Greece and a constantly growing global network in every continent. Recently, the company expanded in Germany by establishing its global headquarters and business administration.

Carbon Zapp

Through a wide range of innovative products, including injector test benches for Diesel and Gasoline injection systems, Engine service equipment and tools, Carbon Zapp offers high quality equipment and customer service to automotive dealers, workshops and educational institutions, as well as for specialized developers, remanufacturers and most major automotive OE’s. Carbon Zapp uses over 35% of its profits to update existing products with newer technological advancements and aims to provide simpler methods and tools for a safer environment.

Our Mission

Carbon Zapp aims to provide user friendly, compact and time saving solutions to a wide range of operators, focusing in the automotive injection systems.

Innovation Driven Company

“Innovation” is the key to continuous growth and competitive advantage. Carbon Zapp “Drives” its research team to keep a high ambition level and work on their research, development and technical skills.On an annual basis, the company invests more than 35% of its profits on research and development for upgrading existing and implementing new products. Carbon Zapp has fostered an extensive group of intellectual property and talented personnel throughout the years. Strategic agreements and world-class component suppliers have contributed in developing advanced technologies and products.

Supporting Your Business

At Carbon Zapp, customer satisfaction is a major priority. The staff offers the best service to increase customer trust, earn their loyalty and built their respect. The key to this success is to acknowledge the customers’ needs and listen to them.

Global Sales Network

With a logistics center in Athens, Greece, Carbon Zapp can effectively export its products globally in all 5 continents and over 65 countries. The products are trusted internationally for their world class quality. Carbon Zapp takes pride in consistently delivering premium products and reliable customer services.

Support your Vision and fulfiil your Market’s needs

Step into the Future,
Discover our Elements of Innovation.
Innovation drives us in every step we make and gives us the necessary boost to evolve. An evolution that leads to the fact that we are the only Company that offers a complete set of Equipment and solution for every industry. Innovation is the key to continuous Growth and competitive Advantage.

We’re building technology that redefines automotive injection service industry for the last 30 years, serving our customers with state of the art technology and solutions. With that in mind and focusing on continuous improvement to assure our customers benefit by receiving products and services that meet their requirements, we always deliver the consistent performance we have implemented in our Quality Management System the ISO 9001: 2021 Certification.

Always Moving Forward

The automotive industry has experienced remarkable change and growth within the past years. In the automotive aftermarket servicing sector, we’re following-up and guiding that change based largely on our relentless view towards R&D leading to major improvements both in functionality as well as efficient design and creating new breakthrough products with state of the art technology.
We always try to invent new ways of improving our clients capabilities and giving them more power, wider range of cost effective and time saving solutions.


Support your Vision and fulfiil your Market’s needs

Powerful innovations at your fingertips
with CZ CloudX computing Platform.
CZ CloudX computing technology Platform as a service (PaaS) is a complete enviroment in the cloud, with resources that enable clients the full control of their Bench with cloud- based Apps access them over a secure Internet connection. With middleware, development tools, business intelligence (BI) services, database management systems and more.
CloudX allows clients to access live online updates of database, remote operation and status report of their bench. Generate remote reports for handling, printing, filling and organizing from machine database. Instant activation of features on a pay-as-you-go basis. Multiple machines management support. Complete machine cloud back-up and instant troubleshooting via X-Connect directly from CZ factory. Receive notifications on your smart devices for machine maintenance tasks like Oils, Filters, Service, and more.Explore today new powerful innovations at your fingertips with CZ CloudX computing Platform.

eXpanding Tomorrow

Carbon Zapp driven by the determination to evolve once again builds what’s next for the Automotive Injection Service, today. Introducing the new full improved XSeries benches, a complete range of Automotive Injection Service Solutions for all your needs. Furthermore, all XSeries benches are supported by CloudX the new powerful IoT Cloud computing Platform eXpanding your business capabilities and work efficiency to the neXt level. Take the neXt step and enter an Innovation Driven Wolrd. Welcome to Carbon Zapp.

CloudX Features

• ΙoT Cloud computing Platform fully Industry 4.0 Complaint

• Live Online Updates of Database and supporting new requests from clients

• Remote Operation and Status Report of Client Bench

• Generating remote reports for handling, printing, filing and organizing from machine database

• Instant Activation of Features on a pay-as-you-go basis

• Multiple machines management

• Complete machine cloud back-up

• Instant troubleshooting via X-Connect directly from CZ Factory

• Notifications on Client smart devices for machine maintenance tasks like Oils, Filters, Service, and more