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Explore our wide range of innovative products, including injector test benches for Diesel and Gasoline injection systems, Engine service equipment and tools. We offer high quality equipment to automotive dealers, workshops and educational institutions, as well as for specialized developers, remanufactures and most major automotive OE’s.
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Precise, repeatable and rapid Diesel Injectors Testing[1] Injector Testing & Coding*• 6-12 minutes testing and coding* time per injector• CRi / CRiN injectors (All Brands and Types).• Capable for all EU6 technologies such as VCCand NCC technology, iART, PCRS5, XPI and more...CGL - Authorized Con..
The professional solution for workshops to test & service Gasoline Direct Injection Systems.Precise & repeatable Gasoline Injectors Testing[4] Injectors Testing & Coding*• 20 minutes testing and coding* time for 4 injectors• GDi injectors (All Brands and Types)• Conventional Gasoline EFi..
All makes Hartridge HK1400A Cambox Base Unit For Test Bench (Optionals: Available Adapters for All Makes and Types)..
Compact Standalone (4 Injectors) Diesel CRDi & Gasoline GDi Flushing Bench For Specialists -1000 BARFeaturesA Continental/VDO Proposed Flushing BenchXtremely Fast Flushing TimesNew Design for every Service StationOptimized Working Area to reduce Injector Set-up Times1000Bar Operating PressureEU6..
Common Rail repair solution Phase 3 for Bosch, Delphi, Denso..
Injector holder 4 injectors, with Common-Rail, Pressure Control and protective hood, ready to mount on a conventional benchCRDi / GDi/ CRp/GDp/EUi /EUp /HEUi systems..
Injector holder 1 injector, with Common-Rail, Pressure Control and protective hood, ready to mount on a conventional benchCRDi  / GDi / CRp / GDp / EUi / EUp / HEUi systems..
GDi HP Pumps Cambox for reciprocating motion (not for rotary) pumps only. Standard Cambox fitting is included for P/N Bosch 0261520036, 0261520042, HTC/ 03C127025, HF-S853A01 or similar. [REQUIRED MTBR-GDp SW]..
Piezo stack air remover kit. Used for professional repair & re-assembly of piezo injector valvesAutomatic and easy operation for 4 Piezoinjectors at onceConnects directly at the return port (backleak)Only needs single phase 100-250VacLightweight and portable solutionConnects to any Carbon Zapp T..
0-600Bar Diesel Injector Manual Hand Pump Tester..
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