Incorrect Measurements

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1. Assure the CFL step was not Skipped.(Indicated on the test report too)

2. Assure injector Warm-up was Not Skipped. (Indicated on the test report too)

3. Check In-Line filters and replace periodically

4. Replace the Calibration Oil with fresh/new one.(Check the timers)

5. Assure Not to use the flush adpater for measurement. Only Use of RSP or iPSC (Spray Chamber).

6. Assure the Pressure is correct by doing a verification (MVC1) using a Master hight pressure Gauge.

R2LC Error

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Please make the CFL 1/2/3 before test. Do not skip this step.

“!” on eRLC & 0.00 values & No Spray

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Important Do not skip the CFL tests. It is critical for the measurement of R2LC

1. Possible PCB failure

2. Connect a Solenoid /Coil injector to the Injector cable

3. Perform a machine Diagnostic test in the Diagnosis Screen/p>