Fluids (Calibration oil) spraying out of the Pump muffler while operating

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1. High Pressure Head of the Pump is cracked or the High Pressure Seal is damaged.
2. Assure correct and periodic replacement of calibration Oil filter (2microns)
3. Replace HP Head of Pump or replace HP seals of the pump. (requires trained personnel and Special Tools).
4. Replace whole pump with a New or Refurbised Pump.

No or Low HP Pressure

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1. Assure that the input air supply pressure is 7.5-10bar and Flow is accordign to the rated L/min indicated on the machine label
2. Make the Degas function to remove any air pockets from the HP Hydraulic circuit.

Incorrect Measurements

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1. Assure the CFL step was not Skipped.(Indicated on the test report too)

2. Assure injector Warm-up was Not Skipped. (Indicated on the test report too)

3. Check In-Line filters and replace periodically

4. Replace the Calibration Oil with fresh/new one.(Check the timers)

5. Assure Not to use the flush adpater for measurement. Only Use of RSP or iPSC (Spray Chamber).

6. Assure the Pressure is correct by doing a verification (MVC1) using a Master hight pressure Gauge.