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If products you buy anywhere in the EU prove defective or do not meet the advertised features, the seller will have to repair or replace them for free or reduce the price or refund all the money you paid.

As a rule, you can request a full or partial refund only when it is not possible to repair or replace the products.



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If the consumer is not satisfied with the purchase made, he further has the right to return the product he will buy and request a refund of the price paid or replacement of the products, as provided by Greek and EU consumer protection legislation (right to withdraw from a sale).

In case he wishes to return the products he has purchased, he has the opportunity to do so within 14 calendar days from the day he received them, sending them at his own expense, in their original condition and packaging, to the company enclosing the purchase receipt/ invoice. In addition, the merchant must return the money within 14 days of receiving the cancellation request. However, it may be delayed to return the money if you do not receive the products or their return receipt/ invoice. Refunds to the consumer will include shipping costs paid for the purchase of the products.

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